Decentralized auctions for on-chain assets

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Examples of what you can auction

  • A domain name in the Ethereum Name Service
  • An on chain virtual good (the powerful sword in an Ethereum based RPG)
  • A real world good represented by a token on the blockchain (a concert ticket)
  • A token that represents a role in an on-chain economy
  • A large block of tokens sellable at once
  • Plus much more.

Currently Running Auctions

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What's going on here?

This homepage lists the currently running auctions. Check them out, or create your own!

Auctionhouse is a decentralized application (Dapp) that lets users auction off non-fungible on-chain assets. What does this mean? When you have fungible assets like Augur REP tokens, you can easily sell them on an exchange since they're all interchangeable. But when you have a token that represents something one-of-a-kind, something unique, it's better served to auction it off, since there's no liquidity on exchanges for these one off items.

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